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” What you can expect from Emil Wessner is a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and thorough market/industry knowledge that simplifies the construction process. Emil is a partner to be relied upon from the start of a project, in the concept/budget development phase, through completion, and on through the life of the building.

Throughout the course of the restaurant renovation, Mr. Wessner was very professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. He was absolutely clear in his record keeping and time log. He chose and managed the subcontractors and his own forces well. Our experience with Wessner Consulting Ltd. is just one example of the commitment that they have made in developing lasting relationships built upon integrity and mutual respect.

Mr. Wessner’s commitment to quality and understanding of the importance of a cohesive design makes him a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, helping to meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project. He is a proven steward of an owner’s money, steadfastly adhering to budget and schedules. “

Gaston Castano, Architect AIBC MRAIC LEED AP , Principal, EDGE Architecture Inc.

“We chose Bo Project because of Emil’s passion, organization, time management, leadership and attention to detail for every aspect of this project. Emil listened and understood our tight budget and time schedule, his estimates were precise and transparent. He managed to complete the project on time and very close to budget even with last minute changes and additions. He is highly respected by his employees and the different trades he brought in, creating a cooperative, safe and very efficient working environment.

Emil is a great manager, but he is also very hands on, working hard with everyone and being accessible when needed. Even with unexpected issues, he remains calm and rational, always finding a solution. Emil is sincere and honest, cares about his work, and that is why we put our full trust in him and Bo Project.

Anne Kushino Lawson, , Mutsuki-An Restaurant

“We are so grateful to Emil for building us a beautiful home that we love and for making the process enjoyable too.

We wanted a builder who was willing to work with us to provide his own insights to how things could be built according to the design we wanted and still within our budget. He was able to achieve this interactive approach due to his knowledge of construction and strengths in project management and budgeting. When design challenges presented themselves he rose to the occasion to find a solution that met our expectations.

Our project came in on budget and on time because he understood how to coordinate and sequence the work so that the build constantly moved ahead.

We can definitely recommend working with Bo Project.

Carrie Smart and Neil Barman, Intern architects AIBC LEED AP

“Emil did an excellent job of moving the project forward and making sure all the proper materials were here on time, the labour was available to do each step of the job. He also succeeded in finding skilled workers and made sure their work was perfect. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

Larry Pierce, Hornby Island, BC

“Having worked with Wessner Consulting, I can personally attest to their ability to manage and control project costs and schedules to the financial benefit of their clients”

Jim Hindson, , Hindson Business Consulting